About Us

Hi, I'm Yvonne

Nice to virtually meet you and thanks for looking at our site.


This page is called about us and not about me because in all honesty we are a team. I may splash a bit of paint around but without the help of my family I wouldn't get much done! 

My lovely Hubby, Stevie, is the brains of the outfit and he takes care of all the business side of things as well as keeping me on track and supplied with tea! haha. Ryan, our son, is the invaluable 'Technical Support' and provides honest (sometimes brutal) critique on my work....he is also in charge of tormenting the life out of me. Chelsie, our daughter, helps with sales and networking and is also great to watch a scary movie with. Then there is the furry branch of our business, Rudy, Sophie, Lottie, Martha and the Grand Dame Marmalade....they don't do all that much to help with the business but provide love and laughter which is invaluable in any venture.

So a bit about me, I have always loved to paint and draw and in the last year I decided 'wouldn't it be wonderful if I could somehow turn this hobby into a living?'. So Stevie and I started investigating possible routes to sell....and interest in our work seemed to be high....my paintings started selling! 

I tend to paint whatever inspires me but this seems to be animals (as you can guess from the pack members listed above we love animals!). They are usually quite vibrant and colourful and one of my favourite feedback comments was from an old friend's sweet daughter upon seeing the commission of their dog remarked 'oh mummy, she has captured his soul' ....that made me cry tears of happiness!

I also love to paint the local coast where we live and the big skies of Lincolnshire. I find my style to be quite lively and love using colour but I would not say I have signature style just the love of crafting new things and the to quote the late great Bob Ross 'the happy accidents' that make the painting breathe.

Please feel free to contact me and if you are interested in our journey subscribe above and watch our new adventures.

Thanks for reading and visiting

Love Yvonne (Ibby) xxxx